Your “Be” Book

Susan Fox, a brilliant Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and River Guide I met in Palo Alto,  taught me this practice, and it came to me to pass it along to you. The “Be Book.”  It’s so simple.  Every day, before … Continue reading Your “Be” Book

Transforming that Kick the Dog Moment into, AND WHAT ELSE?

Terrible nights sleep led to skipped meditation and an IV drip of coffee. “Mom, it’s late start.” Delete walk with Shaman. YOGA class turned out to be taught by a student who shouted and asked between every asana: “How is everyone doing?!” I involuntarily adopted the standing bitch face as she led us through the weirdest sequences of poses ever, and then because my aura was flashing like a bike light: “Please don’t adjust me,” she did, in her loud, encouraging way, every other pose. Continue reading Transforming that Kick the Dog Moment into, AND WHAT ELSE?

I Bet You Can’t Do This

Try this: Keep your face really relaxed, breathe in and breathe out.  Your face is relaxed, right, maybe a slight smile? Points if you can have a kind twinkle in your eye.  Now, just below that relaxed exterior, scream, but don’t change your face and don’t make a sound.  

So, on the inside you’re all like, “!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” And on the Outside, it’s like nothing to see here folks. Screaming on the inside, and calm and composed, serene even! on the outside.  I’m telling you, this is really fun when you’re in a crowd or a meeting with your boss.  In your car?

AHHHHHH!!!! Well done.

I find that when I let loose with the interior scream, it actually makes me smile for real. Prescribing short therapeutic exercises is new territory for me, but I’ve been called to this practice for the last couple of days, and it makes me feel oddly proud of myself.  


Continue reading “I Bet You Can’t Do This”

Give Up the Fight and Go for the Gift

One thing about having a Podcast and website called Packing for Crazy Town is that, when things “change,” or “don’t go according to plan,” it would be unseemly to flip out.  Walking the “Packing for Crazy Town Talk” involves getting to, … Continue reading Give Up the Fight and Go for the Gift