Sometimes All It Takes Is Someone Bringing a Goat to Yoga


YES, yes, YES, and more yes.  The Goat Yoga phenomenon that is sweeping the country is the perfect manifestation of why hope is something you should have.

I can’t really tell where it started, and maybe it’s a 100th Monkey goat kind of thing, but regardless, I know there’s more of this kind of glorious, envelope pushing, ingenuity where this came from. The moment I heard of it, I tried to sign up for a class in Santa Monica, but it was full up.  Of course it was.

That people are executing on this brand of barrier- dissolving opportunities to feel something different, to get beyond conventions when it comes to nudging us into new realms within and without, and just do kooky $hi^ because they can, gives me confidence that anyone who can stay balanced, conscious, and positive (while not self medicating too much:) in bananas times are in for a pleasant surprise.  


goat yoga

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