Drafting on Cosmic Events Because Why Wouldn’t You?

Remember where you were on August 21st? How, for two hours, we forgot who we were supposed to be mad at, flowing instead into a feeling of collective holy awe, of wonder, and absolute certainty that there was something far greater at play than any one of us that day?  If you forgot how you felt, God Bless SJP for reminding u I came across a post (8/20/17) Eclipse Post  that I never published that feels related (in a more frenetic, less cosmic way) to yesterday’s Super Blue Moon, and so I’m reaching back to crystalize (and call back?) that magical reprieve.

Observation #1 ( about the Eclipse.) It feels like hover boards are now real, and everyone gets one, but helmets are in short supply.

The train came off the tracks, and settled in the middle of a wondrous meadow.  People are rolling down their windows and poking their heads out.  A few kids scamper about. Steam is billowing out of the engine which was apparently completely blown.


Since we live in objectively bananas times where nobody can say what will happen next, I’m feeling gratitude today for cosmic events, because, for anyone seeking to maximize the new energies to free themselves from socially engineered limits, and position themselves to stick the landing in this new world, it makes sense to harness the mysterious forces that come with these mass event.

In the immortal words of a coffee cup I saw in the 80’s:

“Jesus is Coming: Look Busy.”




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