A Ferry Engineer Died and I Missed my Chiropractic Appointment:

I'm the only one in my family who believes that death is actually when the fun starts, so I'm the perfect person to manage the process, because I can stay out of story and stay matter of fact. My Mother, on the hand, believes that we're "Six dollars worth of chemicals and when we die, it's lights out, and back we go into the earth." After she saw the movie Coco, she amended that to include: "And we live on the memories of others." So she is like Eeyore on Crack and even if I meditated until my face fell off, eventually I'll snap.

Lessons from an Exploding Nutribullet

I’m newly motivated to share the offline learnings of the last year or so of being lifted up, sucked under, and spit out – rinse, repeat, refine (Groundhog’s Day style) because bit by bit, I’m gaining an AWARENESS of HOW to wrangle the available energies such that I’m in a position to thrive in the theatre of the unknown, to win at the new Math Olympics. Like, if someone said, write the Calculus of “If Mommy’s Happy Everybody’s Happy” on the board, I could do that. With my eyes closed.

When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Get Going: The first of several Thoughts on Creating Original Episode Content

For all you late bloomers out there, chances are you took the scenic route, and if you took the scenic route, you probably have a story or two to tell.  If there is an idea that won't go away, listen to that.  Make time. Tell your family what I told mine: Ok, so I'm not going to cook or clean this month: I'm just going to write.