“Instead of Tripping Balls at Burning Man…” The Return of the Shaman’s Tech Support Podcast!

The Shaman’s Tech Support returns after 19 months (!) with a wide ranging conversation between Shonagh Home, Shamanic Therapist, Author, and Poet, and Sarah Allen, your reality adjacent, suburban dwelling podcast host who knows just enough to be dangerous about a lot of things.

To sum up, it’s STILL much easier to rule over traumatized sheep and slow boiled frogs than free thinking folks.  Or, as Shonagh would say: The party is over and we need to grow the fuck up and take the bull by the horns” because we’re being steamrolled into SO MANY DANGEROUS THINGS.  It’s only a matter of time before the plant medicine is legal and corporations get their mitts on it.  We discuss taking a hard pass on Monsanto rolled joints and the divide and rule strategy that has been around since Roman times. Knowledge is power and Shonagh Home unleashes the goods in our first podcast in OVER  a year and a half.

We delve into Shonagh’s supernatural manifesting powers, why, instead of “tripping balls at Burning Man” you should arm yourself with laws and information to push back on the powers that be, why learning to love your muffin top may be a sign that you’ve achieved super power levels of gratitude, how to kill your smart meter and much much more.

Thanks for the love. I think we’re back.

You can find Shonagh here.  

and more of Sarah’s work here: Packing for Crazy Town

Contact the podcast @ shamanstech@gmail.com

Links mentioned by Shonagh.

https://binged.it/2Qfo4AJ  Inpowered Movement



https://www.uniformlaws.org/acts/ucc – Uniform Commercial Code


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