The Ides of RUH ROH

UPDATE – it’s now Monday, March 16th, 8pm.  The global clampdown IS ON. And so quickly, like a 21st Century Neutron bomb: All the buildings are still standing, it’s just that our lives as we knew them are at best, on life support. Thinking of the parents with kids now underfoot as you have to […]

Unicorns, Cookie Dough, and Torn ACL’s: welcome to 2020

Rehearsals are so 2019. An air siren pierces the invisible world as rare beauties and fantastical beasts come on line, sharpen their weapons, check their communication devices, shop for amazing outfits, and eventually – choose sides. If we can’t “hear” the “signals” or “see” the “signposts”  by normal, rational, not too painful means, then, in […]

Ask and Receive

What didn’t kill you today, makes you stronger tomorrow, or at least helps us tell the truth, be braver, kinder, more allowing, to manifest like you mean it. To that end, I’ve been vacuuming up anything and everything that sheds light on WTF is happening and how can we harness it for our own personal […]