The Ides of RUH ROH

UPDATE – it’s now Monday, March 16th, 8pm. 

The global clampdown IS ON. And so quickly, like a 21st Century Neutron bomb: All the buildings are still standing, it’s just that our lives as we knew them are at best, on life support.

Thinking of the parents with kids now underfoot as you have to put everything you love on hold, and hunker down and hang on for dear life, right when the spring energy is right here. It’s a perfect storm of Danger, Stress, and Lack and, as much for me as you –  I’m going to repeat the words of Dianne Connelly:

“Life is not a pathology or a parking lot, and every day is a chance to design a way of being big enough to cradle everything we have to bear and still language a world that chooses to presence joy, gratitude, love, and laughter over misery, worry, fault-finding, and complaint.”


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