Calling Team Portal

As the Hopi Indians said of these times, it’s either a hole or a portal.  Not surprisingly, I’m Team Portal. This is the black humor Olympics I’ve been packing for all these years since we entered the clown car pileup era of America circa 2017. It’s only taken me four months to press unmute, so in awe of the complete takedown, that I have had nothing to add.

This is the tiniest toe in the water: Did we pack the right medicine to help us thrive in unforgettable times?

Are the tips, tricks, and ancient shamanic wisdom that we put in our energetic go bag enough to put the finishing touches on our personal space ship? 

Are we in time to batten down the hatches as the tsunami makes land? 

Here are some things I’m using to be able to transfigure myself so that I can squeeze through the eye of a needle, and then — and here is the trick — the challenge of my life — to stay that way!  A Beginner’s Mind, Faith, Curiosity, Meditation, Elaborate Gratitude, Intense Daydreaming, Calling in every kind of Ally I can conjure, Listening for and following “Pings” without hesitation, steady stream of U of Youtube  detaching from political outcomes, Taking a shower and scrubbing myself vigorously with salt after I watch MSM, sucking up to God, facing my fears head on, fasting, and eating good ice cream,  grazing in my garden, growing wildflowers. The end result, as Dianne Connelly would say is: “Giving up the fight and going for the gift.” 

That’s all I’ve got sweet seekers. It’s my favorite thing that most of the people who will find this are from outside America.  I can only imagine what we look like to you.

You are safe. You are well. You are powerful.



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