Ask and Receive

What didn’t kill you today, makes you stronger tomorrow, or at least helps us tell the truth, be braver, kinder, more allowing, to manifest like you mean it. To that end, I’ve been vacuuming up anything and everything that sheds light on WTF is happening and how can we harness it for our own personal […]

Try this Mantra

I am the luckiest woman on the planet. I’m always in the right place at the right time. Everything always works out for me. Got this very simple, very powerful sequence from my Shaman bestie who got it from a client of hers. There’s nothing profound about it, but it does cover a lot of […]

Lessons from an Exploding Nutribullet

I’m newly motivated to share the offline learnings of the last year or so of being lifted up, sucked under, and spit out – rinse, repeat, refine (Groundhog’s Day style) because bit by bit, I’m gaining an AWARENESS of HOW to wrangle the available energies such that I’m in a position to thrive in the theatre of the unknown, to win at the new Math Olympics. Like, if someone said, write the Calculus of “If Mommy’s Happy Everybody’s Happy” on the board, I could do that. With my eyes closed.

It’s Getting to be Podcast Weather 🌦

What is it about leaves falling, darkness and cold that makes you want to express your thoughts?  Me, I’m marinating on how to stay positive in the face of an increasingly amped up national crazy and heightened us v. themness, unpacking my gear, and psychically reaching out to my pantheon of adepts to get ready […]

Prioritizing, Incinerating, Manifesting

Every day is it’s own ecosystem.  We wake, like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day, to the same song, and make a sequence of choices that will inform our outcomes.  I know exactly what I should do to make my life sing,  but there is so SO F’ing much to process at the moment,  so many […]