Unicorns, Cookie Dough, and Torn ACL’s: welcome to 2020

Rehearsals are so 2019. An air siren pierces the invisible world as rare beauties and fantastical beasts come on line, sharpen their weapons, check their communication devices, shop for amazing outfits, and eventually – choose sides.

If we can’t “hear” the “signals” or “see” the “signposts”  by normal, rational, not too painful means, then, in order for the Universe to get our attention, it’s going to hurt, but you’re going to disengage autopilot, and gather yourself.

As the new world order trashes the planet and hijacks the narrative, I’m choosing Clarity and Glee as a base line.

Anyone who works with energy, light, spirit allies, faeries, the plant medicine, and on and on, what won’t you do this year?!

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