We Have a Choice in How we Speak of this

As reality recedes, and we awake to the “Holy S%i^ness” of this moment, there are decisions to be made, not just about where to deploy our resources and how to manage the SAVAGE wrongness of going underground at the exact moment the green warrior energy of Spring is pushing UP and OUT,  but also in how we speak of what is coming.  



The tsunami of Covid 19 KILLER NARRATIVES AND TRIGGERED LISTENING is upon us, so I offer a podcast featuring Dianne M. Connelly, author of “Medicine Words: Language of Love for the Treatment Room of Live” recorded as we navigated the wacky waters of 2017.

There is just nobody better to remind us that life is not a pathology or a parking lot, and every day is a chance to design a way of being big enough to cradle everything we have to bear and still language a world that chooses to presence joy, gratitude, love, and laughter over misery, worry, fault-finding, and complaint.

“None of us is getting out of here alive,” as she is fond of saying, so, without knowing what will be asked of us, without knowing what comes first – “our death or tomorrow,” how do we wake up every day, and transform those “kick the dog moments” into: “AND, WHAT ELSE?”

“The practice is…When we wake up, one more day, I can say anything about that, so what do I design, what do I say that will serve the next generation?”



Dianne Connelly’s Masterpiece.

Find Sarah –  spella2020@gmail.com


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