is where i practice having a real website with a consciously designed brand.  It’s kind of like those realistic plastic babies they send home with high school seniors to make sure they don’t want one any time soon.  It’s also where I park the first season of the Packing for Crazy Town podcast, as well as the Shaman’s Tech Support Podcast.

Packing for Crazy Town is where we empty our purses onto the bed, and sort through it with fresh adepts: Part How To and Why Not Guide to DIY podcasting, and part high vibration conversation about thriving in the clown car pileup era of America. 

If its a YES for you to stake some space on the quantum stage, to put down roots on a domain, create a channel, be it a Podcast, Youtube Channel, a wordpress site, maybe Instagram is your platform, Twitch…There has never been a better time to add your voice, your face, your thoughts to the conversation.  Like so many, I have awakened to the power of podcasting.  To be alive at a time and to have the skillset  to wake up and record, edit and upload whatever all with just your smartphone if you had to, is pretty flattering actually, incarnation wise.  +7B smartphones are ready to receive.

I also think of it as a responsibility to deliver the goods.  So, If you believe you have what it takes to create a niche and fill it, If you can write it down, it will happen. If I can do it, you can do it.

Even as the national narrative has entered new territory of bizarre, one wonders why all the obfuscation?  Why the low rent distractions, cheap fear, grand hollow gestures.   What foul deeds are close to being visible to the masses?   Just when you can’t think of anything lower, it goes there.

As the writing on the wall in Bethlehem says:

The Exit is On the Inside.

Every day, we can bring more consciousness and more faith to the table while we refine and refuel our personal spaceships for what is to come, and along the way, a girl’s gotta laugh which we do as we pack our go bags with whatever helps us live.

To quote RUMI, there are are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground, a thousand ways to go  home again

And this is what’s in my Go Bag: Moderation, Radical vulnerability, Gratitude, my Nutribullet, a sixteen year old son, a lot of laughter, and intention to magnetize conversations around possibility in unexpected times, and along the way, talk to people who crack me up and make me think. 

2018, I see you, and I love you.

//sla drummer, Mother, and content creator, beginner at Social media, below average adherence to conventions )))