About Packing for Crazy Town

This site started as a place to park the show notes for my podcasts: “Packing for Crazy Town” and “the Shaman’s Tech Support.”

Born of my reaction to the 2016 election and death of my brother, I was looking for ways to “magnetize conversations around possibility” in bananas times.  It was also a place where I could share my journey into DIY podcasting and also offer “things” I picked up that made me feel better or be better.  Two and half years later, it’s still my own private Idaho where I practice having a real website much like kids in high school are given a plastic baby to care for so they won’t want a real one any time soon.

Also, you can count on at least one if not four spelling or grammatical errors per post.  I don’t run these by anyone, and I write very quickly and am such a bad speller that half the time, the spell checker can’t even suggest the word I’m trying to spell.  Thanks Stanford.

The philosophical gist?

The Exit is On the Inside.

Every day, we can bring more consciousness and more faith to the table while we refine and refuel our personal spaceships for what is to come, and along the way, a girl’s gotta laugh which we do as we pack our go bags with whatever helps us live.

To quote RUMI, there are are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground, a thousand ways to go  home again

And this is what’s in my Go Bag: Moderation, radical vulnerability, elaborate gratitude, my Nutribullet, a sixteen seventeen eighteen year old son, a lot of laughter, and intention to magnetize conversations around possibility in unexpected times, and along the way, talk to people who crack me up and make me think. 


On the one hand, $hi^ is getting real on our planet, and on the other – there has never been a better time to be alive. Therefore, as the Aquarian child of two Aquarians, sometimes I can see around corners, so if I see something I deem worthy of your attention, this is where I’ll post it.

2018, I see you, and I love you. 

2019. Come Get Me. 

2020: You weren’t kidding, were you?  But seriously, I Want it All.  

//sla drummer, Mother, and content creator, beginner at Social media, below average adherence to conventions, and I’m 1000% sure Andrew Yang will be President in 386 days)))