This is the PERFECT TIME to refine and refuel our personal spaceships, to meld chaos into accelerated self realization, to rewrite our scripts, and pack our go bags for what is to come.  Welcome to the back stage pass that is the Clown Car Pileup Era of America.

To quote RUMI, there are are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground, a thousand ways to go  home again.

I‘m Sarah Allen: drummer, mother, content creator, beginner at Social media, and Packing for Crazy Town is just something I can’t not do right now.  My goal is to do six of them.  I’ve done 5. What? Yes! 

And this is what’s in my Go Bag: Moderation, Radical vulnerability, Gratitude, my Nutribullet, a sixteen year old son, a lot of laughter, and an intention to magnetize conversations around possibility in unexpected times, and along the way, talk to people who crack me up, or make me dance or think,or take positive action.

This is what I do best:


My passion and my work is putting sounds, pictures, and words together.