For Those Who Don’t Have a Shaman On Speed Dial…

Shonagh is on mission to help you reclaim your sovereignty, teach you how to protect your rights, and remind us how our ancestors stayed healthy, and I’m here to push back as needed, question her sources, and provide a little comic relief because waking up isn’t all unicorns and cookie dough

You Never Know Who’s Listening, So Tie Up Your Camels AND Find Your People EP 2 of the Shaman’s Tech Support

Be prepared to reconsider everything you thought you thought about the skeezy aspects of your digital addiction. Shonagh Home takes a blow torch of reason to my last vestige of innocent hope that my TV isn’t selling me down the river (or to the highest bidder,) and that it’s not such a bad thing […]

The Shaman’s Tech Support: EP 1 ||||| An Elder’s Take on Some Men Behaving Badly.

2018…Ready or not, here we come (The new Podcast: The Shaman’s Tech Support is a FULL GO yet, somewhat cyber homeless, so for now, I’m reposting here. Enjoy and subscribe where you listen to Packing for Crazy Town.) Sarah and Shonagh connect with John Dore – psychotherapist, linguist and wise elder for a fresh […]