It’s All A Spell, Dear_#3 of the Shaman’s Tech Support

Finally, episode 3 of the Shaman’s Tech Support.  That it’s not the episode we promised is not as important as that Shonagh came ready to wake people up, her specialty.  

Shonagh Home, Shamanic therapist, author and poet, and me, your podcast host who knows just enough to be dangerous about a lot of things, take our monthly drive to Mt. Rainier to fill up on living water, and since Shonagh was in rare form, I pressed record.  I admitted to feeling a little foolish about my naivete’ and subsequent awakening since Ep. 2 “You Never Know Who’s Listening,” but still push back when Shonagh strongly requests I don’t bring that “bi*ch Siri with us on our walks.”  The shifts are more epic, the synchronicies more in our face. 2018 is here, and it’s a terribly wonderful time to tune into your YES.  If a door just slammed in your face, take a look around, there’s a window with your name on it.  Shonagh says grow up.  Sarah says level up. 

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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars…Holy S%^t this is the book Shonagh mentions in passing.  It’s really short, and ultra disturbing.

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