For Those Who Don’t Have a Shaman On Speed Dial…

We are a few episodes into the Shaman’s Tech Support, and I’m starting to see a pattern. Each episode starts with  me, sarah, saying something to the effect of: “Oh come on, shonagh, seriously, you can’t really believe that…” But by the end, I’m usually questioning my own reality, and maybe a week later, I’m like, “oh my god,” I see it.

Shonagh is on mission to help you reclaim your sovereignty, teach you how to protect your rights, and remind us how our ancestors stayed healthy, and I’m here to push back as needed, question her sources, and provide a little comic relief because waking up isn’t all unicorns and cookie dough.  At the core of what we’re up to, it’s a constant quest to refine how we collaborate with spirit intelligences  to artfully upgrade our lives.  You should know after 1 minute if you will like this podcast

While I’m blessed to have her in my life as a face to face touchstone, we started the podcast to get this information out to those of you who don’t  have a Shaman on speed dial. Shonagh says there is a war on, and I believe her.  The national crazy is ramping up, to what end who can say, but the fact that Costco and Amazon are pushing their own emergency go bags, I’m thinking it’s dot our i’s and cross our t’s time.

On the other hand, truly beautiful things are happening. 

So, as I grapple to stir fry some metaphors for unexpected times, I think we all just have to find our rows to hoe, hoe them with integrity, hang on for dear life, be nice to people, and laugh early and often.

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Shaman In her natural Habitat:


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