My Spring Detox Memo #1: PACKING FOR CRAZY TOWN style

Deep Breaths Calm Thoughts. 

I’ve stared down my worst habits in the first part of this year.  What have a learned about myself? 

That, if there’s a story about Jemimah Kirk having a stoop sale in Brooklyn, I’m going to click on that 100% of the time.   Even if I were an enlightened being, I would still probably want to hear about her selling shrink wrapped Girls DVD’s. Stay Likable Jemimah!

Beyond that, this is what May has been digging up for me, and me for you.

What do I/you/we really care about?  Who will we drop everything for? What is my actual plan for dancing/hiking until I (consciously, and with a smile on my face) drop? The Universe is begging us to pick its pockets right now. If there’s something you need in your life to make it complete, to give you some room and the means to realize your dreams, get in there!  Say it outloud. For Real! Per Kryon, my favorite multidimensional being, it’s a closed system.  Your body only knows what it hears you say about yourself.  That is why multiple sources are reminding us to: “Beware of self deprecation!” It was astonishing to audit how often I pull the rug out from underneath my power via faux humble asides.

As Shonagh Home would say, “your mind is the original magic wand!” We are manifesting, magnetizing, or turning off  with every thought, and building a world with every word.

There is nobody to stop us from visualizing the essential “thatness” of our highest self.

Big, Chunky Now or Never Life Decisions Require Clarity and for me, that requires a bi-annual festival of Denial where I turn off many of the things I love to eat, drink, and inhale and clear my schedule to take stock of my body, mind, and soul and recheck the end game math. By listening as hard as I can to my spiritual entourage, and entreating them to give me the goods, an orderly, sensical packet of clues/sequences/lucid instructions on how to gracefully stick the landing, when we can’t even be sure where the ground is anymore. 

(To Be Continued)


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