Yada, Loofah, Yada

Here is the 2nd of 3 posts on my spring detox…how it went and what i learned.

First of all, and I hope this is more obvious to you than it was to me.  Don’t ever try to move, detox, and work at the same time. I got into the weeds, and needed a map I didn’t have.

Big Picture Rear View Mirror Thought:   Uncouple ambition and expectation when you make time to rid yourself of irritants, inflammatory cellular radicals, negativity, whatever is not floating your boat – be gone.  If you think you know what’s going to happen, I’m 99.996% sure YOU WILL BE SURPRISED.

Being a freelancer, you can just never know what’s around the corner, so a job came in and I tried to taper the detox and ramp up making a video for a large trade show, and while I did come through intact, and for a while had the kind of clarity money can’t buy, it was not pretty. I was about 9 days into the actual cleanse, and then should have stopped then, but I kept it up over the next 3 days while I had to watch all these videos about Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud. Meanwhile I tried to not notice that my skin was freaking out.  It took a trip to my acupuncturist to tell me I had gone too far, and she set me on the path towards balance.

But before that… for those first 9 days, I had it going on.

I went to Yoga every day, walked in the woods, meditated, and kept those toxins moving towards the exits… yada loofah yada.  How to know what cleanse to follow? There’s so much information on detoxing now, just pick one that calls to you and give yourself as much time as you can to minimize engagement with your normal life, to do lists, electronics…

The best advice I got during this phase was:


  • Be Kind to yourself

  • Dry Brush and Steam as often as possible to keep the toxins moving

  • Visualize dissolving  old stories in a steam room, followed by a vigorous loofah.

  • Epsom salt baths, and cold plunges are awesome.

  • Follow Your Yes.

  • A lot of times more is more, but in the case of a detox, more is often a car wreck, so go slowly, do your research, and talk to experienced people in vitamin stores… Tell them what you want to happen.  For me, I wanted absolute clarity and to be relieved of 10 pounds.


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