Prioritizing, Incinerating, Manifesting

Every day is it’s own ecosystem.  We wake, like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day, to the same song, and make a sequence of choices that will inform our outcomes.  I know exactly what I should do to make my life sing,  but there is so SO F’ing much to process at the moment,  so many things I can worry about that I took the fact of my phone choosing to update right at the moment I was reaching for it to set my meditation timer, that today would be a day, where I skip that pesky 20 minutes of nothingness and instead of have coffee and sit down and make a mark.  Mortgaging the day ahead to capture the fire in my head, the desperation to DO outweighing the known fact that starting a day with meditation ALWAYS makes the day better.  What to prioritize in a world that is both sizzling and drowning, and then just beyond that, or within us is the exit to a situation that is better than we could of have imagined.  Some kind of kung fu Feng Shui seems required to at once incinerate old stories and ways of being meant to keep you small while normalizing a healthy practice that populates your days and nights with experiences and people that are better than you could have imagined.  Normalizing manifesting experiences that are better than you can imagine. Or, as my mantra from Packing for Crazy Town: “Surprise me Baby.”


  1. Chris

    Yeah. Controlled burn, but watch that wind. Can get out of hand quickly.

    F*ckinformation! Brilliant! Gratitude for your 20 minutes spent sharing. I won’t tell you how long I searching for the audio component………

    Liked by 1 person

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