The Shaman’s Tech Support: EP 1 ||||| An Elder’s Take on Some Men Behaving Badly.

2018…Ready or not, here we come

(The new Podcast: The Shaman’s Tech Support is a FULL GO yet, somewhat cyber homeless, so for now, I’m reposting here. Enjoy and subscribe where you listen to Packing for Crazy Town.)

Sarah and Shonagh connect with John Dore – psychotherapist, linguist and wise elder for a fresh take on the #metoo zeitgeist which is thousands of years in the making.  He is a voice of reason and sound counsel for good men who are feeling barraged by the media machine that is relentlessly blaming them for every imaginable ill. Yes, there are some losers out there of male persuasion, particularly in leadership roles on a worldwide scale. The majority of men however, are decent guys and they deserve some props.

John discusses the need for masculine initiation and the importance of men’s groups to support, empower and cultivate character. We explore the socialization of men and women and John delves into the interior life of the sexes in an effort to call up compassion on both sides.

He encourages women to find their own voice and take a stand against abuse as well as to gather together and initiate themselves. With regard to our young boys, John discusses primitive rites where boys were initiated by men in their tribes to enter manhood with courage and dignity. He calls men to serve life in their own unique way using the intelligence of heart and mind in the expression of their truth


John Dore

Robert Bly interviewed by Bill Moyers

The Mankind Project

Boys To Men 

Recommended Reading: 

Iron John by Robert Bly

Under Saturn’s Shadow by James Hillman

Absent Fathers Lost Sons by Guy Corneau

King Warrior Magician Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore



The Shaman’s Tech Support is:  Produced, Recorded and Edited by Sarah L.Allen

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