BeeTox and Ancient Ways to Offset the National Crazy with Shonagh Home

You: “How’d you spend your Sunday?”


Me: “Stinging my Shaman Bff with 8 bees while she talked about the profound healing and beauty properties of bee venom.  

Or, as we like to say: “Just another day in the suburbs.” 

We had a lot of fun last weekend, so in the spirit of the’s shout out to July, we’re “JUST DOING IT BEFORE IT DOES US,” and are running with the idea to a launch a spin off to Packing for Crazy Town called:  “The Shaman’s Tech Support.” It will feature a cup of Ancient Wisdom a week that you can throw into your nutribullet with some spinach, coconut oil, and tumeric and just feel better without exactly knowing why.  Today’s episode of Packing or Crazy Town was kind of a conceptual pilot for it.  A quick drip of Shamanic Wisdom.

Fair warning, just as 2017 is not for sissies, neither is this video companion to the Pod a walk in the park, but it is fantastically prescriptive.  RIP bee sisters.  


You can find Shonagh’s Book here:Honeybee Wisdom

The Bible of Bee Venom Therapy




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