Your mind is a magic wand, breaking spells, just loving your parents, and why you might consider going the extra mile for your water: A mini pod IV drip of wisdom from Shonagh Home

Enjoy this 20 minute spontaneously acquired IV drip on breaking spells, remembering that your MIND is the ORIGINAL MAGIC WAND, that your prayer can just be: “Surprise me baby,”and how to not curl into a fetal position at the thought of dinner with your parents with Shonagh Home.


Here’s a video of Shamanic Therapist, Author, Poet Shonagh Home.  Think Martha Stewart if Martha had apprenticed with a Mushroom Shaman in Mexico instead of going to Prison –  getting some off the grid pure spring water near Mt. Rainier for her GO BAG for CRAZY TOWN.

July: Just do it before it does you.

Practice Radical Vulnerability.

xoxo Sarah  


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