Not your Mother’s Synchronicity


The Mayans, Native Americans, Aborigines and of course many tribes before and since, understood that an internal readiness to act combined with an external sign (dubbed synchronicity by Jung,) resulted in a breakthrough in consciousness.

This explosion of deep meaning infused their lives with direction and made their days more meaningfulricher, and freer.

Yes, please. A rich inner life is a gift that never stops giving. 

As the national smoke and mirrors show swings into cartoon-head-shaking form😅🤡 (RIP Moochie between the time I wrote this this morning and now,) more than ever, we need tools that enable us to pause, center, and shift.

In this IV drip of relevant wisdom with Sarah and Shonagh, we explore the power of paying attention to the signs that will help us navigate, like a spaceship through an asteroid field, our paths in this new paradigm of anything is possible. 

July is in the rear view mirror.  Whether you went for it, or it went for you –  today we reset for August and remember how to unhook from broken things, from the narrative meth lab in the sky, and your own tattered stories that no longer serve anyone most especially the you that is alive and awake.

As I wait for the forecast for August to show up, I dare imagine an August, like in the olden days, where time barely moves, and there’s good friends, and good food, and the sun is gentle and warm.

Let’s  fill ourselves up to the brim with as much good food, good friends, laughter, and the beauty of late summer as possible in preparation for a Fall to remember.


Make Beauty.  

Set Clear Intentions.

Disconnect from constructs.

Below is Shonagh’s altar 

shonagh alter_edited

Mo Bananas Mo Better


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