The Eclipse that Shakespeare Would have Loved

In Episode 9 of Packing for Crazy Town, Robert Phoenix, the “Anthony Bourdain of Astrology,” sets up the dominos that may be falling a week from Today, August 21st, during the much-anticipated Solar Eclipse.

While nobody really knows what will happen, if any of the closely watched mass events of the past year are any indication (Election, Oscars, Super Bowl,) set up your lawn chair at the intersection of WTF?!, Fu#$ing Bananas, What If…? and Ha-He-Ha, and take a deep breath, and give yourself a chance to slingshot out of old behaviors and into something better than you can imagine.

Personally, I’m HOPING Aliens will Land on the White House Lawn a Week from MONDAY_but if not, at least the ECLIPSE is going to shine some dark light on some Major players, and provide those with the intention to use it as a big reset button, with a moment to remember.  Robert Phoenix is a real deal Astrologer, and as Shonagh Home says, someone who also understands THE GAME.  He also says things like: “McMaster’s Uranus is right on Trump’s ascendant,” so there’s that.  I pose the question: WHAT’S UP WITH AUGUST 21st (?) to somebody who has done the Math, and he in turn wonders if the real lesson is to remember to have fun with it. I hope you’re packing that Go Bag, or at least wrapping up rehearsals, and preparing to take your places. The Eclipse is headed for Trump Country, and something needs to give. Don’t forget your laminate to the back stage pass that is the clown car pileup era of America.

Mo Bananas Mo Better


Just who is Robert Phoenix?

If you’re looking for a good touchstone during these times, and Astrology is something that resonates, I highly recommend booking a session with Robert. It’s something I do once or twice a year.  It’s always reassuring to get another perspective and validation that my intuition is in tune.  You can find him here:

From Robert’s Bio Page
One of my clients once called me “The Anthony Bourdain of astrology.” In many ways, she was right. Like Bourdain, I share a rather colorful past, which led to a series of life experiences, both in this world and others that I have drawn upon for both context and content in my role as an astrologer, healer, speaker and teacher. I am a self-taught astrologer, and practice Western Placidus Mundane astrology but am well versed in a number of various disciplines.
I’ve studied astrology and other esoteric arts since my twenties. During the nineties I was trained by the late, psychic/medium, Karen Lundegard and became a professional psychic, working with one of the first, phone psychic networks in the world, with clients from around the globe.
After using my intuitive gifts inside the world, in 2008, I started Robert which quickly became a cutting edge website using astrology to decode contemporary culture. Between my website, You Tube channel and BlogTalk radio show, over three million people have taken in my content.
In 2013/14 I produced and appeared in twenty-five episodes of “The Eleventh House” on Gaia.Tv. To this day, they are some of the most viewed shows on the network.
I continue to appear on Gaia doing quarterly astrological reports with Regina Meredith on her “Open Minds” series. I have also appeared as a guest on Greg Carlwood’s “Higher Side Chats,” “Ground Zero With Clyde Lewis” and “Off Planet Radio” with Randy Maugens.
I’ve worked with thousands of people over the last eight years on the client side. My methodology of teaching and breaking down charts was in such demand, that I created my own teaching series, the sixteen-hour video course, “The Eleventh House Academy.”
In addition to all of the above, my forecasts have been uncannily accurate, actually forseeing the death of David Bowie, two days before it happened on my weekly radio show, “The Friday FARcast. Putting it all together, I’m a writer, teacher, radio host, astrologer, and social forecaster.


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