This is NO JOKE, but We’re Laughing Anyway: Get your Eclipse On, Your Mind Right, and your Go Bag Packed

Nothing about this podcast or my intentions around the run up to this MASSIVELY ANTICIPATED, and yes PROPHESIED event happened the way I thought it would, which in itself is very 2017.  My plans for a 3 day detox went out the door the moment I spoke these words to a barista: “Ummm, maybe I’ll have a shot in the dark with cream and one sugar.”  

I get the distinct sense that the Universe is very forgiving, but gives extra credit for those of us who are CLEAR about that which we want to let go of in our lives, and that which we want to manifest and amplify during the eclipse.

it’s a mystery why I thought I could engage Shonagh Home on the subject of preparing for a massively supported Reset or an epic, inspired Clown Car Pileup, and get out without a certain amount of head scratching, deep insight into the dark heart of that which binds us. Maxims of Law?  Seriously? Rats, I thought we could talk about sage, Salem, or meditation.

Nope – the real party is going to start when we become aware of and impervious to the narrative meth lab in the sky and their badly produced, fear inducing story lines.

Last week it was goose stepping North Koreans.  This week, it’s clueless baby Nazis and a budding race war!  Next week I’m still hoping Aliens are going to land on the White House lawn.

Come on people, these are prophesied times, up your game!

Talking to Shonagh Home, Shamanic Therapist, Author, and Poet about anything is like capturing water from a fire hose into a dixie cup: It’s not for sissies or people who just want to check into a motel on the River Denial. You’ve got to be thirsty for the truth.

Tomorrow, we know it’s going to be Bananas every which way (split, torched, dehydrated…) and as Robert Phoenix pointed out, the “totality” is painting a stripe of Coup Energy through Trump Country.

It’s totally fine to check out, and I’ve certainly flirted with that, but yesterday I snapped to.  Got some overdue paperwork out the door, cleaned the garage, and resisted the temptation to take it easy, because it’s increasingly obvious that the days of running and hiding are over, and the dishes are going to be there in the sink where you left them when you return. It’s about ancient Maxims of Law, and the education that the Status Quo does not want you to have. It’s way better to rule over traumatized sheep than free thinking folk. Der.

Practice Radical Vulnerability.

Practice Normalizing Manifesting Experiences That Are Better than you can Imagine. 


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One Comment

  1. Alice

    You girls are wonderful!

    Power & Love & Joy to you in your awakenings and courage to share your journey.

    How powerful you ARE.

    Oh and by the way, I post this comment from your future – it’s 6.30 pm on Monday Aug 21 down under ( yes, we are a day ahead in the fake time zones) and guess what; IT’S ALL GOOD.

    Thank you for the podcast.

    Alice down under


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