The Future is Behind Us_Call Your Dragons

If you feel like you’ve been dumped out of the boat into some class 3 rapids, you are not alone. The practice is to put yourself into position to enjoy the ride. In this class 3 rapid of a conversation, Shamanic therapist Shonagh Home shows you how to manifest your own badass protection against those who are threatened by your light, and manifests for me – my very own fabulous spiritual manager, Lance, who loves to shop, pack, and get me free upgrades on airlines. Sarah wonders if – in the same way we couldn’t have imagined how the eclipse would make us feel, could a coup just feel like an oozing normalization?

The Earth has joined in the class action crazy, and there’s never been a worse time to be all aw shucks about your gifts. This is IT. It’s time to Go Big AND Go Home.

Is it a piece of cake? Ha hahahah, not for me.  Every day is its own eco system.  Even yesterday, as I was preparing this podcast, both Shonagh and I were abuzz with possibility, and by the end of the day, the Universe had thrown in a pinch here and a takedown there, and it took an end of the day phone call to remind each other to shed those stories and call up those inner resources to shore up our spiritual entourage.  Rinse and Repeat.  A good nights sleep and 20 minutes of meditation, and I’ve given myself a chance to magnetize a day that’s better than I can imagine.  A bad night’s sleep and a harried start, and I’ll be playing catch up all day.  But that’s just it.  There’s no victim in this scenario.  I own my choices, and I’ll reap the rewards and suffer the consequences, and then try again the next day.  It’s seriously beautiful math.

We’re all being offered the opportunity to level up, to rise above the bait.  As far as the national crazy, clearly Trump is being set up to spontaneously combust.  He is who he is.  Russia or no Russia, like a bloated smart phone, he was built with the seeds of his own obsolescence/destruction already planted, but that’s just a side-show to keep you scared and in line, so what is the practice?  

I don’t know about you, but what I’m noticing is that in the moments where somebody says something or something happens that would have set the old me off (my game or just off:) Now, I’m taking a flier on the faith that I wrote this script, and it’s an opportunity to pause and say: “Hmmm, I wonder what this means…oh aha! I always used to do that and now I’m over it!” And in that instant, I grow. Somehow, I’m bigger and more at peace, more impervious to those who would like to see us stay small, more sure than ever that there is something far greater than us at play here.  And it has the added benefit that I didn’t incinerate a bridge or have to walk back an email.  I’m just good.

So, whether you choose to whip up some dragons, invoke some bears or do like I did and give Lance the keys to my life, this is the  FALL WHERE WE ARE ALL going to get it done.  The future is behind us and we are truly, finally only limited by the power of our imagination. 

Even from the tiny sample size I have of the people who are tuning in from all over the world, I know enough to bow to the genius, the rebel, the loner, the artist, the advanced seeker old soul in you. Uncork that light, or just remember that thing you do that is so easy for you that it doesn’t even register as a gift….What if it’s greatness?


This IS the new normal, and it’s awesome! So get your Dragons on, and start limbering up for the black humor Olympics. You know that last scene in the last episode of Game of Thrones…? Yerp, Winter’s coming, so grab onto a branch, pull yourself out of the water, get warm, meet some new friends, and love your life up

A note about the DIY Audio Quality.  Ok, I think I’ve proven I can record sound and upload it.  Now, in honor of GET IT DONE, I’m admitting that some things – like pedicures – should really only be done by professionals, so while I don’t exactly know what that looks like yet, I’m calling in some help to upgrade your listening experience. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

Also, for those who have been wondering where Dianne Connelly is when you need her to put some Medicine words to this dance of absurd and holy moments…I have good news…She’ll be back in Episode 12 to talk about “Everything is on the way not in the way.”


More bananas more Better.

Love ya mean it. 



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