the Shaman’s Tech Support #5: Reclaim your MIND, Call Back FAMILY, and USE these Energies to LAUNCH the life you want: The Holiday Survival Guide

In this IV drip of medicine for the mind, we draw back the curtain on the life of our favorite modern Medicine Woman, Shonagh Home, and get some tips on navigating the holidays energetically. We catch her in between retreat clients in her Vermont farmhouse as she describes what’s in the oven, dishes on the bananas synchronicities, and reminds us that we are being FED a manufactured reality and played like a fiddle by the weaponized and predatory media machine.  If you’re looking for a Unicorns and Cookie dough Holiday podcast, this aint it, as Shonagh invites us to consider that everything we thought was, ISN’T! And all she wants for Christmas is for a massive number of people to “wake the fuck up.” Awww:)

We’re sons and daughters of the creator, so let’s get to it. Use this month, and the unprecedented energetic winds at our back to reclaim family, reclaim those relationship, and if your family is toxic, Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor along with that ugly sweater. If we’re lucky and determined to rise above the divide and rule mainstream paradigm, we’ll feel compassion for those who are STILL spellbound by the corrupted narrative.  Our magic may have been swiped eons ago, but it’s coming back. 

Is it COLLECTIVE RESET time? Hmmm….magic 8 ball says….

MAYBE! But inshallah, you won’t have to listen next episode of the Shaman’s Tech Support via a dixie cup and string, or smoke signals, but at least RESET YOUR OWN MIND, and if you don’t like the story, change it!

Stay Safe, Find Bliss, Eat Well, and, if you can, just love your family. XOXOXO

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