It’s Getting to be Podcast Weather 🌦

What is it about leaves falling, darkness and cold that makes you want to express your thoughts?  Me, I'm marinating on how to stay positive in the face of an increasingly amped up national crazy and heightened us v. themness, unpacking my gear, and psychically reaching out to my pantheon of adepts to get ready … Continue reading It’s Getting to be Podcast Weather 🌦

My Spring Detox Memo #1: PACKING FOR CRAZY TOWN style

Big, Chunky, Now or Never Life Decisions Require Clarity and for me, that requires a bi-annual festival of Denial where I turn off many of the things I love to eat, drink, and inhale and clear my schedule to take stock of my body, mind, and soul, check the math for my end game, and listen as hard as I can to my spiritual entourage, and entreat them to give me an orderly, sensical packet of clues/genius sequences/lucid instructions on how to make a decent balloon animal for this next phase.

Your “Be” Book

Susan Fox, a brilliant Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and River Guide I met in Palo Alto,  taught me this practice, and it came to me to pass it along to you. The "Be Book."  It's so simple.  Every day, before you head out, you write down who or what you're going to BE that day.  … Continue reading Your “Be” Book