Your “Be” Book

Susan Fox, a brilliant Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and River Guide I met in Palo Alto,  taught me this practice, and it came to me to pass it along to you. The “Be Book.”  It’s so simple. 

Every day, before you head out, you write down who or what you’re going to BE that day.  Like, I’m going to be kind, and funny, positive, brilliant, productive, a good Mom, curious, sober…yada yada. It’s not like anybody sets out to be a disheveled, mean fuck up, but given the level of uncertainty we face on a daily basis, it just happens sometimes.  Why not take out some metaphysical insurance against a casual, let’s see what happens approach to co-creating your day. Then, without knowing what comes next, you’re ready to bear it with style and grace, seeing the “Holy Wow” in those thorny moments.  That is, unless you wrote down: I’m going to be a small-minded, annoying cry for help.  Then, you’re on your own:)


Try it and see if you don’t find that your day will imitate your declaration about it.

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