I Was THAT Person, and Then Everything Changed

I had an impossible to do list on Thursday.  Armed with a pad of paper etched single space with the tasks modern life requires of us, and a primal need to cross things off, I grimly set off.  But instead of celebrating the wins, and the errands crossed off, as the day wore on, I became ever more annoyed when things weren’t happening at my speed. I glowered in the Verizon store, huffed in Whole Foods, was short with the Pet Food Store cashier, and made sure the patient Comcast tech support woman felt the full measure of my weary depression as I unplugged everything, waited for 20 agonizing seconds, and plugged everything back in.  You get the picture, I was a windbreaker full of fear dragging around a bag of rocks, making sure I brought everyone one down to my small, fixed mindset. I could not get myself out of it.  Until, I read The Power Path Forecast for Februay.  


The main theme for February is “UNFOLDING”.

This month we examine our relationship with time, with impatience, with the masculine willful part of ourselves that always wants to push things through and make things happen, our addiction to stress and drama, and our fear of not being and doing enough. Whew!

AH HA.  Another opportunity to believe “Circumstances don’t matter; only my state of being matters.” I first heard that from Bashar, a delightful multidimensional being who looks like an ALT Howie Mandel and sounds  like a sartorial leprechaun.

I was all like: of course!  In that instant, I pivoted, and the rest of my day and night, was literally night and day.  I don’t know about you, but things changing on a dime, like magic, is “very 2018.” I went From being a massive Debby downer to being in the right place, at the right time with no effort, and having a gorgeous run of synchronicities come one after the other.  My small-minded worries replaced by a new reality cemented on the rubble of my old stories….brick, some mortar, wait, yes, brick, mortar, breathe, wait, resist the temptation to push, ah brick, yes, go.  

As Lena continues: The good news is that as these habits surface, we are given an alternative way of approaching the way we intend, put into action and manifest what we want. It is allowing the “unfolding” of what we put into action instead of forcing a result through pushing, hurrying and efforting. The huge collective fear pattern called “not enough time” is in our face. It is deep and it is cultural. “Time is money”, “hurry, hurry, hurry” or you will miss out on something, be the first in line, the first to win, the best at everything etc.  We are competitive instead of cooperative and our measure of success is based on comparison instead of personal satisfaction. We have become a society where our hearts can’t keep up and our adrenals are shot.

As frequent guest on Packing for Crazy Town, Dr. Dianne m. Connelly sees it: None of us is getting out of here alive,”  so, without knowing what will be asked of us, without knowing what comes first – “our death or tomorrow,” how do we wake up every day, and transform those “kick the dog moments” into: “AND, WHAT ELSE?” 

And, finally – back to Lena from the Power Path February Forecast because THIS IS SUCH VALUABLE INSIGHT: We have an opportunity here to examine how we have been living our lives and to begin to make some changes in our attitudes, beliefs, relationship with time and our fear of not being enough. Complete change will not happen overnight, however you will see results that are almost magical if you begin to practice an alternative way of approaching your life and your action.

Love it.


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