Medicine Is Whatever Helps Us Live

Wait a second, what is happening here?  What even Is anymore?  The answer to that is, it’s evolving.  It’s a place to put show notes for the Packing for Crazy Town Podcast and the Shaman’s Tech Support podcast, but also – it’s a place where I – social media leery/lazy/stubborn/scared/patient lady am evolving the core gist of the Packing For Crazy Town message, and also, a place where I keep my promise to post something every day this month.  Having to show up, means letting go of perfection, and just doubling down on the “PRACTICE RADICAL VULNERABILITY” theme that propelled me through 12 episodes of season one.

But really, 10 days into February, and I’m already trotting out Vinnie, my amazingly fluffy cat?  Well here’s the thing.  Another aspect of the Packing for Crazy Town is reinforcing what Dianne m. Connelly says about “Medicine being whatever helps us live.”

In unexpected times, Pets give us love and keep us grounded which is so not nothing.

Thank you for stopping by on this rainy Friday!




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