And I’m Here Regarding…?

I am coming to the end of my 4 month hiatus from the Packing for Crazy Town Podcast, during which time, Shonagh Home, the love child of Terrance McKenna and Martha Stewart, and I launched

The Shaman’s Tech Support Podcast

It’s a podcast aimed at administering an IV drip of Shamanic wisdom with a little incredulity thrown in by me.  You might find yourself as I do, end up going: “Hmm, I never thought of that.” Ancient, Ancestral, Earth based regimens, mindsets, and workarounds to stay out of the national crazy.

Thank you for subscribing wherever you do that sort of thing. 

Packing for Crazy Town Season 2 is all about gifts from Fresh Adepts and lots of surprises. 

Maybe the tagline might change from “Go Deep or Go Bananas.” to “It’s Not Funny Anymore.”  But actually, its still kind of funny sometimes. 

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