Give Up the Fight and Go for the Gift

One thing about having a Podcast and website called Packing for Crazy Town is that, when things change,” or “don’t go according to plan,it would be unseemly to flip out. 

Walking the “Packing for Crazy Town Talk” involves getting to, as Dianne m. Connelly, 3 time guest on the podcast in Season 1 would say: “giving up the fight and going for the gift” early and often.  The practice is saying, no matter what:Yes, and what else?” 

I wonder sometimes what people who aren’t comfortable with change, indeed who fight it (whatever that looks like) wake up feeling like in the change is the new black era.

I’ve been sitting on a recorded podcast, Episode 3 of the Shaman’s Tech Support, “Setting the Table for 2018,” for at least a month.  That’s how it goes with DIY Production.  Eventually, we’ll have a small machine to support the production, but for now, sister’s are doing it for themselves.  All to say: Episode 3 of the Shaman’s Tech Support is coming, albeit renamed something like: REsetting the table for 2018 (six weeks in, let’s shift!)  In the meantime, might I offer:

Now is the time to bring everything online and integrate the pieces of your life. Peel away everything that doesn’t belong, and don’t look back.  Question everything that doesn’t feel amazing, face the fears that naturally accompany our new calls to action/leaps of faith, breathe, listen for Cues, crying is good, laughing is great, walk through those little daily fires, and practice “giving up the fight and going for the gift.” 


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