Go for the Gift with Dianne Connelly is LIVE

There’s nothing clever about not being happy. Each of us in charge of our joy, and especially now that the SHIFT IS ON, we’re all being asked to start each day without knowing exactly what will be asked of us, without knowing what’s first, our death or tomorrow. What we do know is that, if you’re reading this, you’re here now, and if we can stay in that place of deep unknowing, aware of the ancient, immutable, quantum reality that – we are, no kidding, all in this together, and that what we each bring to the table will influence and infect those around us, how can we practice being the light, the gratitude, the holy awe that is our choice to presence? If I show up in misery and complaint and fault finding, you’re going to have to deal with that too, and then we’ll be in unnecessary suffering together. The wondrous Dianne m. Connelly (co-founder of one of the first integrated health clinics in the country, author  of many books, and the first person to coin the phrase bodymind, asks: What if, instead, I look for “what’s the gift here, what’s the offering, what’s the opening, what’s the possibility?” The answer: We can be here together – not in a fight, not in opposition, but in gratitude, grace, and laughter – all of which cut right through pain and suffering, at least for a moment.

If you put your arms out and you ask people in your life, ”

what do you know when you’re with me?  What do you know about life and what do you know about yourself?

…the exact things that you would expect to hear at your funeral…They’re going to think you’re asking for a description of you, but it’s not that.  It’s this: What will it take for the people you love to know themselves as good and beautiful because you’re in the world?  Dianne m. Connelly intends that, in her presence, we will all know ourselves as a loving, glorious, hot-shit possibility.  And that’s without us lifting a finger. The map is definitely not the territory in this deep dive of a conversation with Dianne m. Connelly, Author of Medicine Words: Language of Love for the Treatment Room of Life as she reminds us how to “Leap into the unknown and make it our home.”

Dianne Connelly is….one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had.  For now, I’m just popping in her basic ol’ bio, which, coupled with the sound of her voice, should enlighten you as to the brilliance of how she is standing in her truth in this world.

“Dianne M. Connelly, PhD, MaC (UK), co-founder and chancellor of Tai Sophia Institute, an accredited graduate school in the fields of health and wellness, holds a doctorate in the philosophy of medicine. She teaches in the Institute’s Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Transformative Leadership and Social Change master’s degree programs. A practitioner of acupuncture since 1973, she is the author of Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements, All Sickness Is Homesickness, and co-author of Alive and Awake: Wisdom for Kids, and Medicine Words: Language of Love for the Treatment Room of Life.  Dianne’s abiding joy is being the mother of Blaize, Jade, and Caeli, and the grandmother of Tamar, Lennox, a Rianna, Roman and Maxim.” from “Medicine Words” by Dianne Connelly.

This is the link to Thomas Tallis’s 40 part Motet that Dianne mentions listening to every morning https://youtu.be/Z3FJxDsa-5k

You can find her books on Amazon, and here’s a link to the kindle addition of Medicine Words which YES YES YES is coming soon to Audible.com


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