Wu Xing You Were Here

In Episode 3 of Packing for Crazy Town, at the core of Dianne Connelly’s teaching was the oft referenced “dance of the five,” or “Wu Xing (wu shing),” or “Five Element Theory,” which as it turns out is a term/label that Dianne doesn’t use any longer. But, I said I would post a picture of what it looked like so you can have something visual to reference what we were going on about.  These images are all variations of the same thing.  At the center is ONE, and then the Yin and Yang embody “TWO,” or as Dianne would say, One showing itself as two…and then the elements and the seasons complete the picture.  I personally know just enough to be quite dangerous about ancient Chinese energetics, but I have fulfilled my promise to post a picture of it, and isn’t it cool looking?

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