The Agony and the Ecstasy of DIY Podcast Production

If you’re considering doing a podcast, if you can control the means of production…do.  Obviously now that the delivery mechanism is all but free and the platform, for now, a meritocracy, if you have something to say – “owning it, ” while lonely in the beginning, will pay dividends later.  

Part of what I want to transmit with the podcast is the process, and the ups and downs, and all the mistakes I’ve made and the rest I can imagine.  I don’t know why it gives me such pleasure to share my brand of messiness other then, eventually I did or will figure it out and also it might save someone else from buying the same over hyped microphone for example. On the other side of my first six 12  episodes, I will detail the good the bad and the bananas. For now, six months in, I can see some light, and combined with the eerie and intoxicating feeling of seeing people from Equator and Texas download my babies, I can see why the popularity of this medium is through the roof.  It’s so beautiful.  Literally the first mass medium (radio) turned quantum.

That's why my mantra for this experimental message in a bottle is RADICAL VULNERABILITY.   Being transparent about the stream of conscious beginnings, and what will be the audible, refining process from podcast to podcast is the meta story of the story.  

I’ll share the technology I use in later posts..this is just to say, once you work out all the kinks, you can do this anywhere, anytime, and then – the technology will fade into the background, and you can get to adding your voice to the HUGE CONVERSATION being born. 

Whatever your gift, it’s time to spring it.


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