This Body, That Air, Forward…Yes! Free Falling with Dianne m. Connelly


“I hold the human privilege of wording the world as a sacred honor, and so it is not okay to say just any old thing about being.”  from Medicine Words

As this podcast is literally, the very beginning of my exploration of radical vulnerability and mass accelerated something or other,  I knew I had to track down Dianne m. Connelly, author of Medicine Words: Language of love for the treatment room of life,  to begin a conversation BIG ENOUGH for all of us to turn around in.” She applied a pumpkin enzyme peel of ancient chinese energetics to the way I look at how I am in the world, and took 20 years off of my speaking.

“None of us are getting out of here alive, so what ways of living will you design between now and when you’re not here anymore?”

After 2 restarts, Dianne m. Connelly  and I  laughed our way through being beginners at this podding thing…She got me to Donald Trump as holy aspect of the Great Oneness…and reminded me why she was one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had.

And, a note about the audio quality.  Once you hear Dianne you’ll understand why tying her to a computer and to Skype was not an option, so this was recorded via What’s App. Creation is messy, and Production, at least in the beginning, is fraught with opportunities to get confused, and so so many dials!  Making this is a process, and I want to share that too.

“Can I, will I, allow you to be just exactly as you are? In my every interaction, my every conversation, will I practice opening to you as phenomenon, as Divine showing, or will I draw conclusions, tell stories, make commentaries too small to let you show as “a radiance, a shining?” From Medicine Words.

buy Medicine Words: Language of Love for the Treatment Room of Life Connelly

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