Wu Xing You Were Here

In Episode 3 of Packing for Crazy Town, at the core of Dianne Connelly’s teaching was the oft referenced “dance of the five,” or “Wu Xing (wu shing),” or “Five Element Theory,” which as it turns out is a term/label that Dianne doesn’t use any longer. But, I said I would post a picture of what it […]

The Agony and the Ecstasy of DIY Podcast Production

If you’re considering doing a podcast, then, if you can control the means of production…do. Obviously now that the delivery mechanism is all but free and the platform, for now, a meritocracy, if you have something to say – “owning it, ” while lonely in the beginning, will pay dividends later.

This Body, That Air, Forward…Yes! Free Falling with Dianne m. Connelly

Rewriting your own script in the clown car pileup era of American history. “This body, that air, forward, Yes! Is episode #1 of the Packing for Crazy Town Podcast featuring Dianne m. Connelly, co-founder of the Tai Sophia Institute, author of “All Sickness is Home Sickness, Awake and Alive, and Medicine Words.” She languages us a conversation big enough to turn around in” and we’re just getting started.