Andrew Yang’s Director of Spiritual and Cultural Outreach, Reverend Wendy Hamilton, Preaches the GOSPEL OF YANG

When I think of packing my go bag for crazy town, until last June, it didn’t occur to me that I’d like to add a President who wasn’t insane to the tips, tricks, protocols, and regimens that will support us in adapting to and thriving in this new normal. But the day my 18 year old son said: “Mom, you’ve GOT TO LISTEN TO THIS GUY,” that all changed.

It’s been 2+ weeks since Andrew Yang “suspended” his campaign and promised that “We are just getting started.” Whether you’re hard core Yang Gang and were about to sell your couch to keep feeding the Humanity First movement, Yang Curious, or, just desperately wanting to believe in an America where a guy like Andrew Yang could come out of nowhere, shock the political establishment, and rewrite the rules of the 21st century economy to work for US, you’re likely moving through the stages of grief and attempting to pivot with grace to the new normal – one where Andrew is a CNN correspondent and two Billionaires and Bernie are still in this.

Do I believe we will eventually all be dancing on the Washington Mall, listening to President Yang delivering on his promises and united a nation terribly divided? YES, but: Until that day, here to preach the GOSPEL OF YANG and offer us some much needed THERAPY is Reverend Wendy Hamilton(@revwendy3), ordained minister, education professional, Mother, Twitter Goddess, and someone who dishes from the heart on all things YANG, shedding her unique light on the toll the Caucus chaos and underwhelming results in New Hampshire did to the campaign’s psyche, epiphanies from the trail, her journey from  seriously OG supporter (February of 2018!) to riding the bus as his Director of Spiritual and Cultural Outreach, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

While its been 850 something days since the 12th and final podcast of season one of Packing for Crazy town, and I’m a little rusty, when I came upon Reverend Wendy on Twitter, I resolved I would do my part to promote Andrew’s message through Wendy’s voice and story. 

This conversation was recorded on the day of the Nevada Debate, and after spending many hours editing it, I realized that it’s not my role to decide what issues are important to the Yang Nation, so I decided to #letwendyspeak:) and put out the UNEDITED CONVERSATION, complete with my ums and ya knows, since every word out of her mouth is GOLD and MATTERS.  

I’m not sure if this is the beginning of season 2 of Packing for Crazy Town which I launched in 2017 as a way to “magnetize conversations around positivity in the “clown care pileup era of America,”‘ or merely a one-off gift to to the Yang Gang. Either way it’s two hours of pure love, revelation, and fire from someone who I have come to think of as the embodying the essence of “Humanity First.”

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Rev. Wendy Hamilton – is a 51 year old ordained minister, education professional and mother of one, currently residing in Washington, DC. Originally from small town southern Ohio (Portsmouth), Rev. Wendy proudly received her Bachelor’s Degree from Howard University (B.S. Human Development, in 1991) and her Master’s Degree from Howard University School of Divinity ( M.A. Religious Studies, 2006.) She credits her educational experiences and single motherhood as being two of the most transformative of her life.


Having worked professionally in some capacity since she was 14 years old, Rev. Wendy has done everything from “candy-striping” in a local hospital and radio sales, to stints in communications on Capitol Hill, an adjunct professor of Communications (University of Phoenix and Community College of Baltimore County) and recently served as an Executive Assistant to Benjamin Jealous, former President and CEO of the NAACP at the headquarters in Baltimore. Her professional background includes work in the arenas of education, human services/non-profit advocacy, communications, and chaplaincy. She most recently served as part-time pastor of Open Door Metropolitan Community Church in Germantown, Maryland.

Wendy has spent the majority of her life serving, supporting and counseling people from all walks of life representing every facet of humanity one could imagine, from young and scared homeless families to wealthy professionals dealing with a newly diagnosed terminal illness. She has listened to countless stories of regular everyday people just trying to get by from one day to the next, and feeling as though they’re voices and struggles have not been heard or appreciated  by the powers that be. She is committed to changing that trend.

Rev. Wendy is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc; Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority and a certified foster parent with the District of Columbia Department of Children and Family Services Association (CFSA).




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