This isn’t not going to be a piece of cake

FAST FORWARD: 10 more weeks.

HA HA WOW! Not surprisingly, the world of TV Pilot creation is SOMETHING ELSE.

After dipping my toes into the fierce online community of would be showrunners and writers room dreamers, myself included, I think Hunter S. Thompson said it the best.

The TV and Writing LifeLOL, he wrote that when there were 3 channels of TV, maybe a couple of others.  And before the internet. What I find intensely intense about the process is that, while there are 20X or more platforms, there’s 100X people (this is just my intuition, not data) trying to swim upstream and get their script trending on the Blacklist, or they’ll win a contest and get an Agent.  I wanted that. I still want it. But the thing is, in the meantime, I have the means of production on speed dial.   And, if you can control the means of production, then you own it.  Flat out.  And then you can help other creators put their work out there, and then all of a sudden, you go from trying to find an Agent, to owning a channel.

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