A Little Energetic Pep Talk

I wrote this a year ago, two years ago but halfway through with a month left of 2019, and it’s not like crazy is going out of fashion. Indeed, if the pundits are correct, what’s coming will dwarf our previous definition of bananas, so – it’s up to us to position ourselves to evolve and thrive in the chaos.

Where we could once run or at least hide, now it seems that, more often than not, something happens to sear the consequences of our habitual decision making into our decision wheel, so that next time, the requisite stars will align, and you will detour.


The outdated narrative about what you’re actually capable of withers for lack of oxygen. Next?

What if what’s going to happen is better than you could even imagine?  Align with your North Star, keep moving, and don’t look back or down.

The great Carolyn Myss relates the story of a woman who “waited for arrows, followed them half way around the world where she found love and purpose.”

It’s those little blips of direction, sparks of intuition that you learn to trust because when you follow it, good things happen.


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