Alright Then…

What makes me really happy about, is that it it’s not going anywhere as befits a proof of concept about just staying put, and not radiating.   What would happen if you just stayed in the same place and tried to get better. Moment to moment we’re getting as real as possible. And so here it is August 21, 2018, and whatever scaffolding we had is starting to buckle.  What are we not supposed to be looking at? I feel like we’re being manipulated so blatantly these days that it’s actually insulting.

My concern is for the people who believe in “reality” like my parents, Dick and Marilyn.  That there is a schism coming is obvious.

How do we position ourselves to thrive in chaos?

Love, Sarah


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  1. “Reality”, as it is currently presented by those who wish to create it for us, has indeed become an insult to anyone who has the ability to engage in even a modicumo of critical thought. I find strong resonance with the highlighted words and wonder same myself.

    Hey, but on the positive side, and speaking from personal experience, the efforts to divide us from one another and even to create internal cognitive fractures is in many cases having the opposite effect. Yes, many are trapped in “fight-or-flight” from watching the continuous parade of bullshit and are melting down (damn it Reggie, I miss my friend!), others are responding to the pressures by shrugging off the shackles of the programming and looking inward.

    We got this. Stay the course and keep the mind and communication open.


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