That is a feeling I could get used to

2018, I like the way you are showing up.  Effortless, unexpectedly excellent synchronicity laden days filled with proof that we are on the right path.  Ok, not every day – but when we’re  clear on our North Star, the only limitation is how good we will let our lives be. Wishful Thinking?  Naw, Quantum Physics.

The old structures are crumbling, the new ones are not yet in place. It’s in this nether world where we can build up that muscle of constant communication with source, and learning to delegate to your spiritual entourage, to trust in the “unseen” worlds. Shonagh Home is on a mission to help you reclaim your sovereignty, teach you how to protect your rights, and remind us how our ancestors stayed healthy.  At the core of what we’re up to, it’s a constant quest to refine how we collaborate with spirit intelligences  to artfully upgrade our lives.  You should know after 1 minute if you will like this podcast

Shaman In her natural Habitat:



Why us? I could no more channel a perfect poem from the faery folk than Shonagh could connect her printer to WIFI. So – That’s why it works.   Shonagh brings the ancestral and nature-based wisdom illusion busting truisms, and I sprinkle in a little sugar, push back as needed, and offer it to you.

Find it wherever you do your podcast stuff  xosla

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