Let’s. Do. This. 

If it feels good, do that.  If it feels bad: Quit it!

The peak of the Super Blue  Blooded Moon 🌚 is officially in the rear view mirror as of ​6:27 am PST.  And, I. Am. Feeling. It.  There’s nowhere left to run, no one left to blame, and definitely all the good hiding places have been scooped up.  We are left with our own grit, and the words we say about who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re doing.  I for one jumped at the chance to burn the old stories, the dross, the excess paper that, in the scheme of things, is officially beyond moot.

I hope you are drafting off this lunar turbo boost, and owning the fact that it’s all you baby.

I’m declaring that, no matter what, I’m posting something somewhere every day for the next 30 days, and seeing what happens.

We’ve. Got. This.

Practice Radical Vulnerability and rewrite your script in the Clown Car Pileup Era of America.  


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