Jumping the Shark in Slow Motion

You have to wonder if there’s some underground writer’s room/narrative meth lab somewhere. I’m sure we have them to thank for Reality Winner. We already love everything about her, including the fact that she could be Edward Snowden’s little sister.  Calling our President an Orange Fascist on social media? Check! Top Secret Clearance?! Der! Former Yoga Teacher?  Give me more!!! 

Paired with an entrée of Jared’s pan seared rise and fall, Reality’s bravely sassy mug shot grin will be mashed, and served with wavy gravy distilled from the President’s loosening grip on “reality” in this badly produced mid-season replacement. This narrative is jumping the shark before our eyes, and I’m finally feeling like, with regard to real issues facing real Americans, our government is officially irrelevant.

My $.02

Pay attention to what really, truly matters.  As Dianne Connelly says, “We don’t know what will come first, our death or tomorrow,” so, say yes to anything that refines and refuels and brings us closer to our best selves, and our kin.  

Acknowledge and savor the surprising oddness, sneak a peek at your go-to gossip site, do something you shouldn’t, forgive yourself, and all the while, be packing your go bag for crazy town with anything that helps you live.  

Mo bananas Mo better

Your Post Happy Podcast Host, Sarah


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